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eIDAS Login

Please login using your national identifier.

Citizens (and in some cases legal entities) of Austria, Denmark, France (choose second 'Norway'), Greece, Iceland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden may currently be able use this service.

NOTE: After login, the application will present you with claims (attributes) which it can extract from the authentication data.

NOTE: Since the full functionality depends on the country nodes being available and conforming, we can not guarantee a successful login.

The eIDAS Network

The eIDAS network consists of trusted, interconnected nodes implemented by each member state.

The network allows a user in one member state to access a service in another member state. In short when the service want to authenticate the user, it makes a request to the local node, which makes a request to the node where the user is a citizen. After successful authentication, the local node can forward the authorization to the service which requested it.

This eIDAS Pilot Application will first connect you to the Icelandic node, then allow you to authenticate using a scheme provided in your own country.

The eID@Cloud Project

Unimaze Software provides this Pilot Application as part of the eID@Cloud project

The overall project is a consortium of companies in Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Iceland and Spain and is supported by the "Connecting Europe Facility" (CEF) program.

We welcome all comments, please send them to the project manager: Markús Guðmundsson (